Diocesan Convention 2013

Ana Teaching

Diocesan Convention – Nov. 8-9, 2013

 Stirrings of the Spirit


The Spirit was indeed stirring at the 2014 annual gathering of the Episcopal Church in Vermont with special guests Tom Brackett and Ana Hernandez.  “Best Convention I have been to!” “So energizing!” and “LOVED the worship in and through it all!” commented people as they departed on Saturday afternoon.

Tom B describes ChaordTom Brackett offered us new information, midrashic scriptural reflections, and stories of others seeking the Spirit.  “Paperless” music and singing was led by Ana Hernandez, helping to connect themes and make different meanings from what we were hearing.   We learned from Sean Lanigan about new leadership experiences and church in new ways from his ministry with Beach Progressives.  A variety of worship leaders and presiders moved us through worship that was woven throughout the day.

The business of Convention began on Friday and extended through Saturday. We “tried on” having no assigned seats on the legislative floor of the meeting, and we interspersed business, reports, and resolutions with song. Bishop Tom Ely’s creative and inspiring address, "Stirrings of the Spirit in a Time of Adapative Challenge," is available here, and the videos of the address are below.

Stirrings of the Spirit in a Time of Adaptive Challenge

Tom Address

Bishop’s Address at Diocesan Convention– November 8, 2013

[Video of the Bishop's Address] 

             One of my favorite characters in the theatre (and the role I enjoyed portraying most, at least so far) is Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. Nearly fifteen years ago I had the great joy of performing as Tevye in a ten week run at a community dinner theatre in Connecticut. Every Friday and Saturday night I was Tevye. Every Sunday morning I was Father Tom.

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